Tuesday, December 08, 2009

But is it art?

Saw this on the Derren Brown blog:

rotating kitchen from Zeger Reyers on Vimeo.

It struck a chord as I was reading and writing about creativity...


Tom Ruffles said...

I think it is a poltergeist, or possibly vindicates Guy Lambert's underground water theory. Either way, send for a parapscyhcologist.

It must be that interesting otherwise why would so many people be watching it? It can't be art of course as it is entirely predictable - unless the art is the pattern made by the people standing around. It did occur to me it might be the world's slowest tumble dryer but I wouldn't fancy putting my socks in there.

I can't believe I just saw a man throw an object back that had rolled out. Idiot - it could be worth millions Rodney!

Tom Ruffles said...

I should point out that I do know how to spell parapsyhcolo, parapscyholo, parapsycohlo, oh sod it.

Anonymous said...

Art....???oh dont get me started on what is classed as art. The tate modern is a classic example of how mad the art world is.

Its a flipping box made to look like a kitchen and rotated so the objects fall off...whats so artful about that.!!!!!!

Ridiculous and a total waste of time.

Give me a good landscape anyday..that is art.

Rant over...off to look at my Renoir...I wish.

devilsadvocate said...

all that chocolate box stuff is nothing but kitsch. Art is about the intellect.

lifes said...

Sorry,intellect? I disagree...art is creative...its a gift that you are born with,or in my case..not.

There is nothing intelligent or creative about shoving a wardrobe on a stand and calling it art.I rolled about lauhging in the tate at that one...almost got thrown out for that..ha ha.

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